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These are difficult times. No doubt about it. We find a way to take care of you!

SINY Dermatology has opened a drive-in dermatology treatment center, located at 1305 86th Street, Brooklyn 11228. The goal of this facility is to treat patients who are apprehensive about going to a medical office in the midst of the pandemic. Those who are concerned of a closed office environment will be treated in an outdoor setting within your comfort. At the time of their appointment, Patients drive their cars into the treatment tent one at a time, we hope to ensure minimal contact and distance measures. A board-certified physician assistant or a dermatologist will consult patients while you remain in your car or if required within the exam room located in the tent.

The setup will function as a semi-dermatology practice, able to provide consultations for most regular office visits & follow-ups. Additionally, providers will be able to send prescriptions and schedule follow-up appointments. Cosmetic and surgical procedures will not be performed at this location, however in our centrally located offices throughout New York City upon the initial consultation.

Location1305 86th Street, Brooklyn 11228

Days of Operation: Monday & Friday

Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM

Drive-In Dermatology effectively provides consultation for:

Prescription refills | General consultation| Follow up | Acne | Rash| Spots | Dermatitis | Eczema | Warts | Rosacea| Psoriasis| Hair follicles | Insect bites | Alopecia | Cold sores | Skin cuts | Abrasions | Moles | Skin infections | Redness| Bruises & MANY OTHER DERMATOLOGIC CONDITIONS.



Book online- reserve your drive-in spot now!

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