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5 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

5 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

Shaving is one of those personal grooming tasks that women universally despise. It’s no wonder when you realize that the average woman spends 72 days or 1,728 hours of her life shaving. 

Some women have decided to rebel and not shave at all. But let’s face it, not all of us are ready to take that leap. Instead, why not consider an option that doesn’t require you to shave but still has you looking fabulous? 

Here at SINY® Dermatology in New York, we like to assist women in achieving their desired look while also helping them take back control of their time. Here are five reasons to schedule a laser hair removal treatment with our team today. 

1. No maintenance to low maintenance 

Laser hair removal works by using the energy created by the laser to target pigments in the hair. The hair gets superheated which destroys the follicle. When this happens, it can no longer produce hair. 

When done properly, you’ll have minimal to no maintenance when you’re finished with your sessions. The most you may have to do is take care of a stray hair here and there. 

2. Consistently clear and smooth skin

When you shave, there are several unwanted side effects that you also must deal with. There is redness, irritation, discomfort, and ingrown hairs. Both shaving and waxing cause trauma to the skin. 

With laser hair treatment, you no longer need to perform these tasks, so there’s no more skin irritation. That means your skin always looks fresh, clean, and smooth. 

3. It's permanent 

What happens after you shave? The hair immediately starts growing back. The worst part is that the hair is right under the skin. Step out of the hot shower and get goosebumps, and it’s like you never shaved at all. 

Our team ensures that the highest standards are maintained to deliver exemplary results. That way, your laser hair removal treatments last a lifetime.  

4. Save time and money 

Let’s face it; shaving takes up a lot of time and is expensive and tedious. In a survey done by Nair™ hair removal products, 39% of millenial women said they would give up sex for a month to be free of unwanted body hair for a year. Another 38% would give up a month of social media and 48% would give up coffee for a month. 

While you need multiple laser treatment sessions to rid an area of hair completely, the entire appointment can take less than 15 minutes. Then after your sessions, you’re done, period. No more need to come in. 

Most women achieve complete removal in 5-7 sessions. So assuming you need 6 sessions at 15 minutes each -- that’s 90 minutes of your life for a lifetime of hair-free living. That’s a small investment compared to the 72 days we mentioned at the beginning. 

5. Medical reasons 

For some people, their necessary medications have the unwanted side effect of increased hair growth. Since laser hair removal kills the follicle, it can treat this condition. That way, you can continue to take your medicine without having to deal with excessive unwanted hair growth. 

One common culprit is minoxidil. When taken in the oral form, it can treat high blood pressure. But it can also cause hair to grow. 

Schedule your laser hair removal today

If you’re tired of dealing with unwanted hair growth, then take action. Getting laser hair removal can help you to permanently remove unwanted hair on almost any area of your body. 

Our team here at SINY® Dermatology can work with you to create a treatment plan. We have the experience and expertise to deliver the results you dream about. 

Schedule your laser hair removal treatment today and start enjoying great-looking skin with minimal maintenance. Call the office or click the “request appointment” button while you’re here on the website. 

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