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Cancer should never be taken lightly. You might think a small, odd-looking mole on your skin is no big deal, but it could be skin cancer that poses a serious hazard to your health. That’s why New York’s leading skin health practitioners at SINY® Dermatology offer skin cancer screening at their New York City offices in Bayridge, Park Slope, and the West Village. Get peace of mind knowing your skin is healthy. Schedule your appointment by calling one of SINY Dermatology’s offices or booking your skin cancer screening online.

Skin Cancer Q & A

What is skin cancer? Is it serious?

You get skin cancer when the cells of your skin begin growing abnormally. Skin cancer is usually caused by sun exposure, but you can develop it in areas that never see the light of day.

Many people think that skin cancer is no big deal. You have a weird mole, you have it removed, and you don’t have to worry — right?

The process can certainly be that easy, but that assumes you visit your dermatologist regularly enough to have your skin checked for any developments that indicate cancer, then have any concerns promptly removed and sent to the lab for testing.

All this to say: skin cancer can be minor and easy to treat if — and only if — it’s caught early. Don’t hesitate to contact SINY Dermatology if you notice any symptoms.

What are the different types of skin cancer?

The first step in catching skin cancer early is knowing what to watch for so you can keep an eye on your skin. There are three common types of skin cancer, each with unique symptoms.


This type of skin cancer is characterized by:

  • Moles that change shape. They might grow or raise off the skin.
  • A lesion, often appearing blue, blue-black, pink, red, or white, with irregular borders. The lesion might itch or burn.
  • A large brown spot with speckles of darker pigment

Squamous cell carcinoma

This skin cancer type usually develops in sun-exposed areas. It looks like:

  • A lesion that’s flat and scaly or crusty
  • A red nodule that’s firm to the touch

Basal cell carcinoma

Another skin cancer type that shows up on skin that gets sun, basal cell carcinoma is usually marked by:

  • A flat, scar-like lesion that’s brown or flesh-colored
  • A bump that looks waxy or pearly
  • A sore that heals then comes back

How do I minimize the risk of skin cancer?

There are two important things you should do to protect your skin’s health: practice sun safety, and schedule yearly skin cancer screenings.

At SINY® Dermatology, your annual skin cancer screening is a full-body examination that checks all of your skin for any issues. With this yearly checkup, any signs of skin cancer are caught early when they’re easiest to treat.

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