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If you have thinning hair, you probably long for the days when your body naturally produced a thick, full head of hair. At one point, your body’s natural processes were sufficient to grow your hair. The hair restoration experts at SINY® Dermatology in New York City help you get those processes working again with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss. To learn more about this natural, minimally invasive, effective hair-restoration treatment, call their offices in Bayridge, Park Slope, or the West Village, or book your appointment online.

Hair Loss (PRP) Q & A

What is platelet-rich plasma?

Some of the most notable breakthroughs in recent medicine haven’t come from synthetic innovation. Rather, they’ve developed from an increasing understanding of how to use the body’s natural healing power. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a perfect example.

The platelets in your blood are healing and restoration powerhouses. Any time you get injured, your body directs these platelets to the wound site to stimulate regeneration in the area.

SINY® Dermatology capitalizes on that rejuvenating power by taking a very small sample of your blood, then separating the platelets out using a centrifuge. Injecting the resulting platelet-rich plasma has transformative effects.

PRP is used to trigger hair regeneration, restore youthfulness and vibrancy to your complexion, and heal joint injuries. What’s more, because PRP is derived from your own blood, it’s an extremely safe treatment with minimal risks of side effects.

How does PRP work for hair loss?

If you have thinning hair and/or baldness, PRP helps your body reverse the processes that cause your hair challenges.

Studies show that PRP treatments for hair loss result in a 30% increase in hair density and length. SINY® Dermatology uses PRP to stimulate hair regeneration for their patients.

During your treatment, your SINY® Dermatology hair-restoration expert injects the PRP at targeted locations across your scalp. These injections increase blood flow across your scalp and trigger healing in your hair follicles.

Over time, this enables your body’s natural hair growth processes and helps you grow thick, healthy, natural hair.

Most patients receive multiple PRP treatments to drive the best hair-regeneration results. The SINY® Dermatology team discusses your hair growth goals with you and tailors a treatment plan to you.

What should I expect during my PRP treatment?

The PRP process is designed with your comfort in mind. Your SINY® Dermatology hair-restoration professional can use a topical numbing cream to ensure the injection process is pain-free.

Over the weeks following your appointment, you’ll begin to see the results: thicker, longer, healthier hair.

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