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Acne scars may serve as a constant reminder of your adolescent years, but they don’t have to. The board-certified dermatologists at Loucas Dermatology in New York City offer a number of treatment options to help reduce the appearance of your acne scars, including laser treatments, chemical peels, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and microneedling. Call the office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side or book an appointment online today to learn how you can get rid of your acne scars.

Acne Scars Q & A

What are acne scars?

Acne scars usually develop from inflamed pimples that cause the follicle wall to break. There are two types of acne scars:

Keloid or hypertrophic scars

With these type of scars, a hard lump or growth forms due to an excessive production of “bad” collagen.

Depressed scars

Also known as atrophic scars, depressed scars form a hole in your skin, referred to as an ice pick scar, or a round depressed scar, referred to as a boxcar scar.

No matter what type of acne scar you have, the team at Loucas Dermatology have a treatment for you.


How can laser treatment improve acne scars?

Loucas Dermatology is equipped with some of the most advanced treatment options for skin care, including a smoothbeam laser that’s used to minimize the appearance of acne scars. The smoothbeam laser targets the top layers of your skin, which stimulates the production of collagen, a protein that forms new, smoother skin.

After laser treatment, you can go back to your usual activities. But the team at Loucas Dermatology recommends you protect your skin from sun exposure for up to six weeks after treatment during the healing process.


What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a safe and effective cosmetic treatment that uses a special tool that pokes tiny holes in the top layer of your skin to stimulate your body’s natural healing power by inducing the production of collagen to generate new skin and lessen the appearance of acne scars.

Microneedling is often used in conjunction with PRP to help better rid your face of acne scarring.


What is PRP?

PRP is a blood product with high concentrations of growth factors that stimulate your own body’s natural healing powers and skin rejuvenation. The team at Loucas Dermatology make PRP from a sample of your own blood, which is spun in a centrifuge to separate out the healing properties.

To reduce acne scars, the team uses PRP as part of a Vampire Facial®. After your skin has undergone microneedling, the PRP is applied over the scar to promote healing and rejuvenation. The combination of PRP with microneedling leads to a significant improvement in the appearance of your scar.

Call or book an appointment online today to schedule an evaluation so you can determine which acne scar treatment is the best choice for you.

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