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You may not give much thought to a rash when it appears, but not all rashes are alike and some may not go away with over-the-counter treatments. If you’ve developed a rash of an unknown cause, the expert team at Loucas Dermatology in New York City can help identify the type of rash and provide treatment options to reduce your symptoms. To learn more, call their office on Manhattan’s Upper East Side or book an appointment online today.

Rash Q & A

What is a rash?

A rash, also known as dermatitis, occurs when a portion of your skin is swollen and irritated. The area may also be painful, itchy, or red. A rash may also cause your skin to develop blisters, or make your skin scaly or dry.

When you develop a rash, your first instinct may be to apply a hydrocortisone or antihistamine cream. While these may work, they aren’t effective for all types of rashes. For fast and effective treatment, the team at Loucas Dermatology can evaluate your rash and prescribe the most appropriate medication or treatment.


What causes a rash?

Your rash may develop from any number of causes, including:

  • Heat or sun exposure
  • Poison ivy or oak
  • Allergic reaction to food, soap, or latex
  • Contact with a skin irritant such as bleach


You may also develop a rash if your skin is irritated. For example, a diaper rash caused by the friction of the diaper against a baby’s skin, or exposure to dry, cold wind against your cheeks during the winter can cause a rash.


When should I be concerned about a rash?

If you have an unexplained rash, you should get it evaluated by one of the experts at Loucas Dermatology so they can provide you with the best treatment plan.

You should contact the office immediately if your rash is:

  • All over your body
  • Accompanied by a fever
  • Painful or blistery
  • Weepy or leaking a yellow or green fluid
  • Rapidly developing and spreading


How are rashes treated?

Treatment may depend on the cause and the severity of your rash. If it’s an allergic reaction, the team at Loucas Dermatology may first recommend you do your best to rid the allergen from your environment.

For a mild rash, the team may recommend an oral antihistamine, along with special creams and moisturizers. An oatmeal bath may also help relieve some of your discomfort and lessen the appearance of the rash.

For a more severe rash that’s causing swelling, the team may recommend prednisone and regular applications of wet dressings to relieve your discomfort. Antibiotics may also be necessary if you have an infection.

If you have a severe rash that doesn’t respond well to other treatments, your doctor may recommend phototherapy, which is the light therapy that helps improve your immune system.

To learn more about the available treatments options if you have a rash, call the office or book an appointment online today.

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