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If you want less fat and more definition in your stomach or glutes, come to SINY® Dermatology for an EMSCULPT® treatment. With this groundbreaking, noninvasive treatment, the dedicated body-sculpting team helps you lose fat and build muscle. What’s more, EMSCULPT is available from the comfort of their three New York City offices located in Bayridge, Park Slope, and the West Village. Unlock your dream body by calling SINY Dermatology or scheduling your appointment online.

EmSculpt Q & A


EMSCULPT® is an innovative treatment designed to help you shed fat while creating definition in your abdominal muscles or buttocks.

It uses a noninvasive high-intensity, focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) energy to stimulate deep, powerful muscular contractions in the targeted area.

The HIFEM energy causes contractions you can’t produce voluntarily, even by strength training. As a result, a single EMSCULPT session is equivalent to doing tens of thousands of situps or squats.

The results from EMSCULPT are twofold. Not only does the treatment create muscular definition, but it also minimizes fat in the area.

You get fat loss because the HIFEM energy causes your muscles to undergo strong contractions, and the body responds to this extreme engagement by remodeling the very structures that build your muscle and tone your body.

The EMSCULPT treatment is ideal for people who are generally fit but want to trim and tone their abdomen or buttocks.

It’s also very safe. EMSCULPT is FDA approved for improved muscular definition and ab and buttock firming.

How many EMSCULPT sessions do I need?

To get the best results, the body-sculpting experts at SINY Dermatology generally recommend two sessions per week for two weeks, for a total of four sessions.

They work with you to develop a treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals and your schedule. Each EMSCULPT session usually lasts about 30 minutes.

How do I prepare for an EMSCULPT session?

No preparation is needed, and in fact, nothing is required of you during your session either. You’ll relax as the EMSCULPT technology goes to work.

It reaches through your skin and is designed with your comfort in mind, so no anesthetic is needed.  

What should I expect after my EMSCULPT treatment?

After your session, you’ll feel like you’ve finished a very intense workout. You’ll start to see results within a couple of weeks, with even more dramatic results showing over time.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 800-778-3090 or visit sinyderm.com.

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