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If you wear earrings, you probably expect your earlobes to bear a fair amount of weight over the years. Whether you have stretched earlobes or your earlobes were injured, know that earlobe repair is available to you at SINY® Dermatology in Bayridge, Park Slope, and the West Village. At each of their New York City offices, the dedicated team uses a minor surgical procedure to restore earlobes. For more information, call or schedule your appointment online.

Earlobe Repair Q & A

Why do my earlobes change over the years?

While earrings can help you look and feel your best, they put weight on your earlobe and pull at the tissue.

Over time, this can lead to a number of issues, including stretched earlobes and widened piercing holes. Even clip-on earrings cause earlobe issues because they restrict blood flow in the area.

What other issues affect earlobes?

Beyond the wear and tear caused by traditional earring wearing, new earring trends and traumatic incidents cause earlobe damage.

If you have gauges or had an earring torn out of your earlobe (for example, if it got caught on something as you moved quickly), your earlobes may be in serious need of some rejuvenation.

That’s where SINY® Dermatology comes in. Through their earlobe repair treatments, they can help you get healthy, normal-looking earlobes again.

What is earlobe repair and how does it work?

Whether your earlobes are simply stretched or completely torn, earlobe repair helps restore the area. At SINY® Dermatology, earlobe repair is a minor surgical procedure performed from the comfort of their office.

Because they only need local anesthesia to keep you comfortable during your earlobe repair, it’s an outpatient procedure, meaning you can head home afterward.

The procedure only takes about 30 minutes. Your SINY® Dermatology earlobe repair practitioner uses sutures to restructure your earlobe, restoring its natural shape.

This reconstructive procedure is highly effective. Once your ear fully heals, your earlobe looks and behaves just like it did at its healthiest.

Can I wear earrings again?

Absolutely. Healing from your earlobe repair procedure usually takes about 12 weeks. You may feel some mild pain during the recovery process, but an over-the-counter pain reliever is usually sufficient to ease any discomfort.

Once the healing is complete, your earlobe is completely restored and you can re-pierce it if you want to continue wearing earrings.

Whether your earlobe was torn in a traumatic incident or you simply have stretching you want to address, earlobe repair at SINY® Dermatology can help you feel comfortable and confident about your ears.

For more information or to book an appointment, call 800-778-3090 or visit sinyderm.com.

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