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Unsightly veins don’t have to mar the appearance of your skin. With sclerotherapy, the dedicated team of cosmetic professionals at SINY® Dermatology effectively removes the appearance of spider veins and some varicose veins and helps your body direct blood flow to healthy veins. To learn more, call any of their New York City offices in Bayridge, Park Slope, or the West Village, or book your visit online.

Sclerotherapy Q & A

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a treatment designed to do two things. First, it reroutes blood that flows through gnarled veins into healthy veins. Secondly, it eliminates the appearance of visible veins on the surface of the skin.

What’s more, the SINY® Dermatology team does all of this without the need for a single incision. Sclerotherapy is an injection-based treatment. By injecting a specially formulated solution into targeted veins, SINY Dermatology effectively treats that vein.

The sclerotherapy solution irritates the lining of the vein into which it’s injected, causing the vein to collapse. The body then redirects blood flow to other healthy veins and, over time, the treated vein turns into scar tissue.

Your body absorbs that scar tissue and, once absorption is complete, you no longer see the vein on the surface of your skin because it no longer exists.

Is sclerotherapy right for me?

Sclerotherapy is ideal for people who have spider veins or varicose veins they no longer want to see.

Sclerotherapy for spider veins

Spider veins are small, webbing veins — usually purple, blue, or red — that create a network visible on the surface of the skin.

While spider veins generally don’t pose any health threat, they mar the appearance of your skin. Spider veins in the face and legs can leave you looking weathered.

Sclerotherapy is an ideal minimally invasive treatment if you want to improve the appearance of your skin without surgery while rerouting your blood flow to other, healthy veins.

Sclerotherapy for varicose veins

Sclerotherapy is also an effective treatment for some types of varicose veins. These are veins that are enlarged and gnarled and may bulge out from under the skin.

The twisting of a varicose vein prevents blood from flowing normally through the vein. This can result in cramping, swelling, or other discomforts in the area.

Most varicose veins can be treated with sclerotherapy, but larger veins may need a more involved procedure for full removal from the body.

What should I expect during and after sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a quick, effective treatment. The procedure itself takes 30 minutes at most.

Afterwards, the SINY® Dermatology team may recommend that you wear compression stockings for a set amount of time (usually a few weeks) to support your healing.

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