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Can Sclerotherapy Take Away My Ugly Veins?

About one in five adults will have the twisting, bulging veins known as varicose veins at some point in their lives, and plenty more develop smaller versions known as spider veins. In other words, these unsightly veins are quite common — especially among women and older adults. If you’re bothered by their appearance or any related symptoms, sclerotherapy can help.

Our dedicated team of cosmetic professionals at SINY® Dermatology, with locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan, removes spider veins and varicose veins while improving blood flow to healthy veins. Keep reading to learn more about spider and varicose veins, as well as this effective treatment.

Spider and varicose veins basics

Varicose veins are essentially blood vessels that no longer work correctly. Rather than direct blood back to your heart as they’re supposed to do, their damaged valves allow blood to pool up. When this happens, the veins swell, creating those visible bulges that can become painful. Spider veins are essentially the same thing, only the veins are smaller, less noticeable, and less likely to cause physical irritation. 

While anyone can develop these bluish, purple, or red veins, certain factors increase your risk for their appearance and painful flare-ups, such as:

In addition to pain, varicose veins can cause burning, itching, tingling, and heavy sensations, especially in your legs. These symptoms may worsen when you’re standing or during hormonal shifts caused by PMS or pregnancy.

How sclerotherapy helps

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that you can have done during a lunch break, if desired. It only takes about 30 minutes, during which your provider can treat more than one vein. During your session, the doctor injects a saline solution into the spider or varicose vein. This solution irritates the blood vessel’s lining, causing the vein to collapse. From there, the blood is rerouted to healthier, nearby veins and the varicose vein is absorbed by your body, completely disappearing. 

Any discomfort during sclerotherapy tends to be mild, so you can get straight back to your usual day’s activities afterward. We may recommend that you wear compression stockings, similar to nylons, for a few weeks for enhanced healing.

Getting started with sclerotherapy

If you’re interested in sclerotherapy, your first step will be to schedule an initial consultation. At that appointment, one of our specialists will determine whether you’re a good candidate for sclerotherapy. If you’re not currently pregnant and don’t have a history of blood clots, you’re probably a strong candidate. And if you are pregnant, you can have the treatment once you’ve delivered.

To learn more about spider veins, varicose veins, or sclerotherapy, call SINY Dermatology at either of our locations, or schedule an appointment using our online booking feature. We’d love to help you find your way to more comfort and ease, both physically and emotionally.


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