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10 Skin Conditions Easily Treated Via a Telehealth Visit

Sometimes a simple visit to the doctor’s office just isn't possible, either due to ongoing public health concerns like the pandemic or as a result of transportation issues or general mobility problems. So can you still get the skin care you need?

At SINY® Dermatology, our compassionate and experienced care team understands that you can't always make it to the office for an appointment. We offer telehealth visits, giving you a chance to talk to one of our providers remotely. 

With telemedicine, you can consult us on symptoms, share images, and get your prescriptions updated, all while remaining safe and comfortable at home. Here are some of the skin conditions we treat via telehealth.

1. Acne

Over video, we can evaluate your skin and suggest any needed skin care, lifestyle, and medication changes to reduce or eliminate your acne, including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and acne-related scarring.

2. Rosacea

Facial redness, or rosacea, may result from a response to your body's own immune system. With a telehealth appointment, we can diagnose your rosacea and suggest lifestyle changes and therapies to manage this chronic condition.

3. Psoriasis

Our doctors can quickly provide an initial diagnosis of plaque psoriasis via telehealth support services. This autoimmune disorder can result in scaly or flaking skin. Once you have a diagnosis, your symptoms and medications can all be managed virtually.

4. Eczema

We can diagnose uncomfortable eczema over a video link or through our patient portal during your telehealth visit. We can also get you started with medicated creams and other medications to provide relief.

5. Cold sores

If a cold sore shows up on your lip, send us a picture through the patient portal, and we can refer you for the right treatment to resolve your herpes cold sores.

6. Hair loss

Your skin can tell a lot about the reasons for hair loss. During a teledermatology visit, we can evaluate the potential reasons for your hair loss problems, including hormonal imbalances, male pattern baldness, or scalp ringworm. 

We may need to refer you for blood tests to confirm your diagnosis before getting started with hair restoration or scalp-stimulating treatments.

7. Shingles (or chickenpox)

If you have a contagious condition like shingles (reactivated chickenpox virus), or even a child with chickenpox, a telehealth visit can make a lot more sense than a risky and uncomfortable trip to the doctor. 

Just show us your rash or blisters over the video link, and we can recommend the right treatments for you. Shingles can have serious complications, so check in with us if you think you could have this condition.

8. STDs like HPV

Human papillomavirus (HPV) often shows up as genital warts. This condition increases your risk of several types of cancer, so get suspicious bumps checked out by a professional. A telehealth screening can help us determine if more testing is needed to detect a sexually transmitted disease like HPV.

9. Allergies and hives

Allergies can show up as rashes or hives, in addition to respiratory symptoms. At SINY® Dermatology, we can test you for allergen sensitivities using a skin test. Get started tracking down the cause of your skin allergies with a telehealth consultation today.

10. Skin cancer

While you need in-person treatment to remove or biopsy a suspicious lesion, you can reduce your risk of skin cancer with a remote evaluation before you come in for treatment. Getting checked out right away increases your chances of a successful outcome with conditions like skin cancer.

Our SINY® Dermatology team treats new and existing patients from our five offices in the greater New York City area. We have two offices in Brooklyn, one in Park Slope and one in Bay Ridge. Other offices are in Manhattan’s West Village, Upper East Side and Forest Hills in Queens.

You can set up a telehealth appointment by calling us at 800-778-3090.


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