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Tips to Help Prevent Premature Wrinkling

Your skin naturally loses elasticity as you age because of the natural breakdown of strengthening compounds such as collagen and elastin. Your genes dictate the pace of this breakdown, but you may inadvertently be speeding things up with time in the sun, exposure to pollution, and your lifestyle.

Skin also gets thinner and drier with age, making it more prone to appearing wrinkled. And, if you tend to be quite expressive – smiling, frowning, or looking inquisitive – these actions etch lines into your face that make you look more lined and wrinkled.

If you are already bothered by lines and wrinkles on your face, we here at SINY Dermatology can help with Botox®, dermal filler injections, microneedling, and more. If you want to minimize wrinkles in the first place, follow these tips from the doctor.

Protect yourself from the sun

Research has shown that using sunscreen is an effective way to slow the development of wrinkles and lines. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of between 30 and 50 daily, even on cloudy days. The damaging UV rays can penetrate through clouds.

Stay out of the sun during its strongest rays, which are typically from 10am-4 pm. You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for further protection.

Preventive Botox

You may think of Botox injections as being helpful in softening wrinkles that have already formed. Well, getting treatments with the popular injectable neurotoxin in your late 20s and 30s can actually stop wrinkles in their tracks.

Early Botox treatments have a preventive effect on expression lines. Wrinkles can form in places because of smiling and frowning – usually around your eyes and between your brows.

If you continue with your expressive ways, these lines get deeper and deeper. Botox reduces muscle activity so that the lines don’t deepen as quickly. To prevent more permanent wrinkles, think about getting Botox when you start to see faint lines starting to form when your face is at rest.

Quit smoking

One of the best ways to prevent premature wrinkling is to quit smoking. Tobacco smoke causes damage to collagen and elastin, so your skin loses strength and elasticity. Cigarettes have nicotine, which constricts your blood vessels so you have poor circulation, depriving your skin of youth-giving oxygen and nutrients. The heat given off by cigarettes and the pucker to take a puff also lead to premature wrinkling around your mouth.

Eat a healthy diet and hydrate

What you eat really does matter. Recent research shows that a diet full of unhealthy snacks and red meat was associated with the development of wrinkles. Women who ate more fruits and other healthy foods were more likely to have a smoother complexion. Anti-inflammatory foods may be especially beneficial in promoting more youthful-looking skin. These include green tea, salmon, avocados, flax seeds, and leafy green vegetables.

Stay hydrated, too. Ample water intake aids digestion and flushes toxins from your body. Plus, you’ll keep your skin hydrated from the inside out. The more hydrated your skin, the fewer wrinkles show up.

Beautiful skin is a gift of good genetics, but it can also be a result of good habits. If you’ve been unsuccessful in preventing lines from forming, SINY Dermatology can help. Call any of our five New York City offices to make your appointment, or use our online booking tool.


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