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SINY Dermatology always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 246 reviews with an average rating of 4.91 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about SINY Dermatology below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Stacey T.
Submitted 08/12/19
Excellent injector. Thank you Dr. Brancaccio.
Amy Z.
Submitted 08/12/19
The doctors have great bedside manners, the front office folks are very personable, and the waits were never too terrible. But it took them three months and several visits to take care of an infected cyst. More importantly, they said they were in my network, but they weren't, and I ended up paying $800+ out of pocket.
Lisa A.
Submitted 08/12/19
Finding a personable, kind doctor in NYC is a pretty tough task. When you find one, you'd better stick with her/him. I also think it's good to refer these good doctors to whomever inquires. I started seeing a dermatologist a few years ago. Through a friend at work, who referred her to me, I had finally found a great one. Pretty soon several of my friends were patients of hers as well. (It was kind of comical because we had wondered if we'd get a referral bonus. haha). Then she left the practice. I panicked*. I wondered, 'Where on earth am I going to find a better dermatologist than her??' Well, my friend tracked her down at her new office in the West Village. Whew! The office is somewhat small and below street level. Once inside, at one point you actually have to duck your head because the ceilings are low. The environment isn't really like a doctor's office at all either. I felt as if I was sitting in someone's living room. There are usually samples of Eucerin lotion and lots of magazines to peruse while you wait. The front desk staff are quite cordial too. The doctors here offer clinical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services. They also have offices in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. So, let's hear it for good doctors and good skin!
Lilach F.
Submitted 08/12/19
I highly recommend paying a visit to Dr. Anna Karp. In addition to the office being in a great location, she personable and professional, she takes her time to get to know you and your medical history as well as answer any questions you may have.
Benjamin H.
Submitted 08/12/19
I am a patient of Dr. Anna Karp and I cannot recommend her enough. Her accute attention to detail, breadth of knowledge, and professional sensitivity are what set her apart from rest. I am so pleased with the results of her work and those results have caused my friends to become her patients as well. The Skin Institute of NY is a place where you can feel comfortable you are getting the best. Do yourself the favor and don't settle for anything less.
Irvin S.
Submitted 08/12/19
Nice facility. Great service. Excellent care. Some of the best dermatologists in the city. Highly recommend
Ashley T.
Submitted 08/12/19
I say this with the greatest esteem- Dr. Brancaccio saved my sisters life. My sister had spine surgery at the age of 14 and at 16 there was an abnormal growth on her scar. My family disregarded it as some mild acne due to her age, but when it did not get better within a week we went to see Dr. Brancaccio. With one look at it he told us to get her to her surgeon as quickly as possible. The metal rod fused to her spin was causing her body to reject the rod- and could have poisoned her blood- and if the infection was left untreated for another two days it would have gone into her bones. Dr. Brancaccio is a lovely personable doctor who despite his exceedingly busy schedule makes time for each of his patients, asks them many questions about what ever it is they are seeing him for, and will take as much time with you necessary to make sure you feel comfortable and confident when you leave his office. I would never go anywhere else- and I did so even before I had insurance because the treatment here is worth every penny.
Debbie F.
Submitted 08/12/19
Dr Saitta is fabulous A lifesaver. He helps me every time with my skin issues. Caring, gentle, listens to you and knows his stuff. Highly recommend him.
Kay E.
Submitted 08/12/19
Dr. Brancaccio is the best doctor I have ever been too. He is very knowledgeable, patient and just a nice man. I have been to him about four times with various aliments and his diagnoses have always been spot on. He even saw me on a minutes notice when I had an emergency, right before he went on vacation. I really can't recommend him enough!
Carol S.
Submitted 08/12/19
My daughter had an outbreak of shingles. When I called the Skin Institute PRAYING for an emergency appointment for her, the care and compassion was evident immediately. This is a very busy office but I spoke with Lisa who understood that shingles requires treatment ASAP. Even though my daughter had not been there previously, we were squeezed in.
Alexis A.
Submitted 08/12/19
I was referred by a friend to come here from the great experience she had with Dr. Saitta. I made an appt. pretty quick and easy and once I got in there which I was kind of lost at first because its literally on the side of the building going towards 80th street so don't miss that ! The staff was very nice and helpful and it was crowded when I got in and I was worried it was a long wait but I then seen there it multiple other DRs also in that office and i got seen when my appt was scheduled for and that was great! Dr Saitta is a total sweet heart and so is his staff. He recognized my acne problem right away and made me feel okay with understanding it and what we can do for it. He even worked with my insurance to make sure the creams he prescribed were covered by my insurance and also told me what to do and apply it. He also told me to come back every two weeks for facial peels which would help with my scarring since I have that and it was all covered too! I must say after that quick visit and work up my skin is looking much better and for a adult still suffering stubborn acne I must say I feel much better but then again my diet and workout is also been on point too- working from the inside out!!! I will be visiting them soon and only down part is the parking SUCKS big time so good luck with that.
Louis P.
Submitted 08/12/19
Dr. Saitta is a lifesaver! Sweetest guy who knows his stuff! He was able to identify all my issues immediately and provide answers with treatment seamlessly. The wait time isn't too bad here even if the waiting area seems full because there are a bunch of skin experts working at once. Give your co-pay after treatment and make your next appointment at the same time...Highly recommend Dr. Saitta!
Lauren H.
Submitted 08/12/19
I saw Dr. Saitta a few years ago for my Rosacea and turns out after a hilarious biposy that I also have a form of psoriasis. The biopsy was on my upper inner thigh so as I was rolling down my jeans he starts singing "this girl is on fire"- the assists ant and I were cracking up- defiantly made a nervous experience a funny one. Need to go back for a chem peel which he said he can make insurance pay for due to my skin issues and by the other reviews seems like he can!
Jenny T.
Submitted 08/12/19
I saw Arthur and he took care of me. Service was amazing. In and out. Beautiful environment. Reception was fast and easy.
Joujou N.
Submitted 08/12/19
Getting an appointment was easy. My daughter had a small rash on her forearm and I was able to bring her in the next day. The PA Artie, was very professional and helpful. He answered all my questions and made suggestions to help remedy my daughters condition. The staff is courteous and friendly. The office is clean and organized. Parking may be a bit difficult, but hey that's Bay Ridge.
Michael L.
Submitted 08/12/19
Really good place. Full disclosure, I'm a nurse and can be very hypocritical of medical offices and care. But this office was really great. Went to my primary with poison ivy that was getting worse and got some oral steroids. The rash continue to spread so I decided to go to the derm. I called at 9am and they got me in at 940. The office was packed which I view as a good thing. I saw the PA Artie who was extremely efficient and knowledgable. Gave me several different kinds of treatment including injections into the really bad areas, oral meds and a strong cream. Since then my rash has gotten significantly better. This will be my regular dermatologist moving toward.
Maeve O.
Submitted 08/12/19
Can I just say, I love you Skin Institute/Dr. Saitta? First, the wait time was always reasonable. No more than 15 minutes. Second, Dr. Saitta went HAM on my horrendous scalp issues and they cleared up fairly quickly-- and he used a procedure this really fancy Harvard dermatologist I see in Chicago now doesn't know about, and he can't get the same results for me that Dr. Saitta did. He also helped me with recommendations for my skin care routine, helped me when I got this crazy rash on my cheeks, would make sure that I'd get a deal on the crazy $$$$ derm Rx's (suggesting coupons, filling from certain pharmacies), and also made me feel like a million bucks every time I sat in the chair. I wouldn't mistake his efficiency (which he is: crazy efficient, gets to the point, understands what you need IMMEDIATELY!!), for carelessness or rushing. Sad to see the reviews are iffy on this place, because I've referred friends to Dr. Saitta and they all have the same experience as me. The PA's are all awesome too. Again. Love ya, Dr. Saitta!
Anthony W.
Submitted 08/12/19
I saw Dr Anna Karp at their Soho office (Perry St) and am so happy that I did. I've struggled with acne for many years and have tried many different medications in an attempt to get my pimples under control. After a pleasant visit with Dr Karp, she gave me samples of a few different medications to try on the morning and at night. After a few days, I could already see results and have been using these medications for the last few months. They really work! My skin is starting to look clear and healthy and I feel so much better about myself. I can't wait for summer !
Sarah M.
Submitted 08/12/19
Dr. Saitta is an absolutely fabulous dermatologist. He and his staff are nothing but helpful, professional and accommodating. Dr. Saitta seems to be the only doctor who knows how to address my concerns even though I get exceptionally nervous at doctors. Even though Dr. Saitta and the Skin Institute are far out of my way, I will continue to visit them for not only the exceptional service, but the great treatment I've received.
Sindy S.
Submitted 08/12/19
I started visiting this office in December after a change in my skin in the summer I began getting breakouts on my cheeks. I made an apt with dr Lisa Gruson. The front desk is always friendly and professional when you call or in person. However it doesn't stop at the front desk, the whole staff is friendly and approachable always a pleasure to go. Dr. Gruson is very nice and comforting non judgemental and makes you feel at ease. After two months my acne has shown significant change and has cleared up. She asks questions and listens to you. Her assistants are all sweet as well. Def glad to have came here !!